Re: [PATCH] Make list view update when defaults change

On Fri, 10 May 2002, Calum Benson wrote:

> Alex Larsson wrote:
> > I think you should be able to set the desktop font separate from the icon
> > view font. The desktop is a special type of view, it often has a
> > background that may make you want to have a different font that matches
> > it, makes it easier to see, or otherwise stands out.
> If Bill hadn't just gone home a few minutes ago, he'd probably point out
> that 508 requires everything on the desktop to track the user's One True
> Theme-- so if we do maintain a different font setting for desktop icons
> (and I can see why we'd want to), we probably need a "just use the
> current default gtk font at all times" option for it as well.  You can
> argue with Bill about whether it should be the default or not :)

This is someones interpretation of 508. In reality the 508 spec is 
incredily vague and says nothing about themes. I think it is enough that 
both fonts are configurable in the same dialog.

How do you define the one true theme? One file? A given set of gconf keys? 
One dialog to config them? A "use system font" option is stupid, and I
won't add one.

Of course, if the desktop font is not set we should fall back on the 
default gtk+ font. 

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