Re: Nautilus Themeing Tutorial Draft

On Thu, 2002-05-09 at 17:03, dave bordoley wrote:
> Christian:
> Can I recommend that you move the theming of toolbars to near the end of
> your document. There seems to be some disagreement on this, but many of
> us feel that nautilus themes are the incorrect place to theme toolbars
> because they create desktop inconsistencies, and that gtk of course
> should be used for theming toolbars. At the very least i don't think we
> should be encouraging this.
Well, Ok I will move it to the end, even if I disagree with this
suggested policy for Nautilus. Having toolbar themes for Galeon and
Nautilus is something I take advantage of quite often.

> Also all default nautilus themes use gtk stock icons.
I will mention this in the document.


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