Re: Writing a Nautilus view

>>>>> "Maciej" == Maciej Stachowiak <mjs noisehavoc org> writes:


 Maciej> What goes wrong? Does the view always show up or never show
 Maciej> up?

The view never shows up. Is there any specific information I can give
that will be more helpful?


 Maciej> Your basic options are:

 Maciej> 1) Cheat and make your component require private nautilus
 Maciej> headers to build. This is a really bad idea, unless you think
 Maciej> you can convince the nautilus maintainers to put your
 Maciej> component in the main Nautilus tree.

 Maciej> 2) Cut and paste the parts of the code that you want. You
 Maciej> won't automatically get new bug fixes and feature
 Maciej> improvements, but you will be safe against random API
 Maciej> breakage.

 Maciej> 3) Get the maintainers to tell you what work is required to
 Maciej> move these classes to somewhere more useful to outside
 Maciej> components and help with that work. This will doubtless take
 Maciej> a long time, especially since work is focused on finishing
 Maciej> nautilus 2, but you could use strategies 1 or 2 in the
 Maciej> meantime.

I guess I will be doing 2) then - when I have something of interest
then I can start asking the maintainers to include it (if they think
it is worth it), or help moving the classes outside.

Debugging is anticipated with distaste,
performed with reluctance,
and bragged about forever.

		--- Mads Villadsen

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