Re: List View Zoom

Thats not quite what i was saying. My point was that at 100% zoom, the
text should use the default system font size, but perhaps reduce the
zoom of the icons to 50 or 75 percent, but not tell anyone it's doing
this :)


On Fri, 2002-05-03 at 12:39, Nils Pedersen wrote:
> Yes, I'd like it smaller too. 
> <ramble>
> But if we change the default then shouldn't we change the default label to 100%?
> Although thinking about it maybe it doesn't matter; plenty of apps come up with 
> their views at less than 100%. But, then I guess its relates to the original 
> size of the app window vrs what is being displayed...
> </ramble>
> Nils

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