Nautilus and display number

Sorry in advance if this is the wrong mailing list to be asking this question. I am a newbie to Linux and Gnome. I just setup Red Hat 7.2 on an old Dell Pentium Pro that I have. I wanted to access it from my laptop with Gnome running, so I set up VNC server with a display of 44. After changing some settings in VNC's xstartup file to start a gnome session, I got everything to apparently work. However, when I launch Nautilus from the VNC's gnome session, it always launches into Display 0 back on the server, and not the display 44 that is my VNC client. All of the other programs that I have tested launching from Gnome (including Mozilla and AbiWord) all target the correct display, but not nautilus. Is there a setting I can change so that Nautilus launches into whichever display the launch was requested from (since I want it to launch to 44 when launching form the VNC client, and 0 when launching from the server display itself (o) )?

Thanks in advance for your help,

david_carrico yahoo com

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