Re: [Usability]Re: Nautilus preferences proposal

On Wed, 2002-05-01 at 05:40, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> I don't like the Finder multi-column view very much, but this use of
> the Tree (now Folders) view for files is the same basic idea. What
> makes the multi-column view better to you?

I like the idea of consistently putting the contents of objects on the
right of the object.  I.e. in the *step stacked view you have:

	Directory3 -> Directory -> File -> Contents of file

In the tree-with-contents-of-the-right view you have

	Directory          |
	  Directory        |     Contents of
	   [SelectedFile]  |     Selected file or directory

I.e. in the first case, parenthood is expressed horizontally; in the
second case, horizontally and vertically at the same time.  Once you get
used to it, I think the first one makes more sense and is actually nicer
to use.  (Also, trees in general kinda suck.)


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