Re: nautilus initial window size

On Saturday, June 1, 2002, at 08:24 PM, Alexander Larsson wrote:

Otherwise I could add a timeout to the configure event callback that
saves the geometry if no new configure event has occured after a certain
amount of time. Of course that's kind of a bad hack.

It's the only way i can think of.

You really don't need a timeout. Just set up an idle and save the geometry when the idle fires. It's no big deal to save the geometry multiple times in a row; deferring to idle ensures that at least you won't do it so many times that it's absurd.

In fact, saving the geometry each time would probably be OK too. There's at already least one layer in the metadata machinery that defers until idle (writing out the metafile), and it's hard to imagine that saving the geometry would be significantly slower than actually resizing the window's contents and redrawing as necessary.

    -- Darin

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