Re: [Nautilus-list] Mounting preferences - the death of options.

lör 2002-01-05 klockan 18.48 skrev Michael Meeks:
> 	And they remain a good solution to encouraging our user base; I've had
> people walk up to me at trade shows and say "I don't use Gnome because
> ..." and I've shown them the option, and they go away happy.
> 	Shall we determine where this crusade to reduce user choice is going
> before going too much further ? I was totally unaware of the plan  to
> remove the user level until it seemed to be a done deal - I was under
> the impression that this was something that we would be using more
> ubiquitously, rather than axing altogether - what is going on ?

I think the overall strategy is that unneeded and seamingly useless
"someone wanted it this way" options should be removed from the user
interface, and sane defaults used instead. However, since there now is
GConf, bonobo-config and friends, that doesn't mean that the
functionality has to be removed completely from the source. It can be
documented somehow(1), and those wanting to change it can do so using
gconftool or other tools, or by a special "TweakUI" kind of
This is the situation for Galeon anyway. I don't know if it applies to
Nautilus or to GNOME in general.

(2) Is anyone writing such an application yet? :-)


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