[Nautilus-list] Mounting preferences

> I also plan to add some controls in Nautilus Preferences to disable this
> > automatic opening (when magicdev is not installed), since I've just got
> > some comments from people who don't want nautilus to open new window at
> > all...
> Now that's how we end up with a truly messy set of preferences.
Let it be functional first.
> I'd like to get a sense of the overview of everything you plan to do before
> we put this patch in. Consider this question when doing the design: The
> other major platforms do not have a preference for whether a window opens
> when you insert a CD, so why do we need to complicate things for Linux by
> having so many different settings for this? (Darin)
...so, let's make Linux the worst/least controllable) desktop of all...???

Please, please, PLEASE!!!!!,  do include this patch! It would partly solve 
the problem that makes me issue "killall nautilus" all the time. And, please 
(I pray in tears), make sure that it is possible to disable 
autoejecting of CDs and enable it for Zips. I also NEED full control over 
the contents of "Disks" menu, which should contain only some of 
my devices AND control over the automatically appearing desktop icons!
I can't get rid of autogenerated desktop junk for the FAT partitions, 
which I have to have and the above mentioned menu shows mixture of descriptive
names for devices and directory names of mountpoints (some of them should 
be hidden).

Darin's policy (I mean his obsession with removing important preferences) 
will turn Nautilus (claimed to be the best for Gnome) into a USELESS TOY.
I started to hate Macintosh & MacOs like behaviour after using Nautilus. 
I would rather have a "My Computer" on the desktop (HINT! Make this an option)

I am a poor user, suffering from absence of control over nautilus 
and being left without a usable filemanager once again :(((

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