Re: [Nautilus-list] large file sizes not showing up

On 2/9/02 11:17 AM, "Owen Taylor" <otaylor redhat com> wrote:

> "Brian J. Murrell" <1dd1f6272992094c77dca88ebab93b4f interlinx bc ca> writes:
>> Now it's obvious that __USE_FILE_OFFSET64 needs to be defined and that
>> it is not being done in my (distro's) build of gnomevfs.  Should it be
>> normally?  Is there something in the "configure" of gnomevfs to turn
>> on 64 bit (large) file handling?
> I believe the correct define for GLIBC is:
> You could report a bug report to your vendor that they should compile
> gnome-vfs with this define (We add this to a lot of packages, but
> probably not gnome-vfs), and/or file a bug report against gnome-vfs
> that it should do this automatically for the right systems. (Hopefully
> there aren't systems that pay attention to _FILE_OFFSET_BITS but don't
> work correctly with it set...)

I've already dealt with this in the latter fashion for gnome-vfs HEAD:


But the discussion continued in the gnome-vfs list rather than here.

    -- Darin

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