Re: Icon prelighting signals activation affordance incorrectly

On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Gregory Merchan wrote:

> The prelighting or mouseover effect of icons is indicating that they are
> activated with a single click. You can see that prelighting indicates
> single-click action by looking at all the other places it is used: buttons,
> menus, some links, scrollbars, disclosure triangle, and surely others.
> For all of these, you will find that the action afforded by a single-click
> is activation. Nowhere but nautilus icons in double-click mode will you
> find prelighting indicates that selection is the single-click action.
> Where you do find that a single-click causes selection, you do not find
> prelighting. This is so even in nautilus when a folder is viewed as a list.
> For consistency both across GNOME and within Nautilus, icons should not
> prelight in double-click mode.

That unfortunately shows off another issue, namely that you have to click 
on a non-transparent part of an icon to select it. Without prelighting 
that can be hard. Arguably that should be changed though.

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