Re: icon theme fixing

On 4 Dec 2002, James Willcox wrote:

> Hi,
> While fixing a separate bug, I realized that nautilus wasn't responding
> properly to changes in the icon theme.  The attached patch fixes this by
> clearing the icon cache when the theme changes.  I commented out the
> g_assert() stuff in nautilus_icon_cache_clear() because they were
> failing and causing an abort......not sure what I should do to fix
> it....any ideas?

The other cases calling icons_changed should probably also call 

But I don't like commenting out the asserts. That means 
nautilus_icon_cache_clear() didn't actually remove all the icons. We have 
to find out why. Changing "#define CACHE_SELF_CHECKS 0" at the top to 1 
should help figuring this out.

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