Re: PATCH: bug 76293 and bug 48317

Ryan Muldoon wrote:

> One thing that might be a good idea in the overall keybinding scheme of
> things is to make sure that we're using cntrl and alt consistently.  I
> seem to recall a while ago people agreeing on using cntrl as the
> modifier that does stuff to the program, whereas alt is the modifier for
> the window/wm.  Is that still the case?  Or even a goal? 

That's basically the approach we've tried to adopt in the HIG (with the
exception that Alt also activates access keys), although I don't think
we currently explicitly state that.  It would probably be worth doing
so, although in the case of Sawfish at least, 'Alt' really means
'whatever modifier the user has chosen to do WM stuff'.

Unfortunately Ctrl+arrowkeys is reserved for selection and navigation
functions, though, so in this particular case, we can't use them for


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