Re: PATCH: bug 76293 and bug 48317

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Calum Benson wrote:

> Dave Bordoley wrote:
> > 
> > Perhaps we should change duplicate than, since this is a hig
> > recommendation. Any suggestions? Just for the sake of asking does
> > duplicate need an accelerator, we already have cut and paste
> > accelerators?
> Hmm, the HIG doesn't have a recommendation for Duplicate, but the one
> that springs to mind (other than Ctrl+D) would be Shift+Ctrl+C, since
> it's kind of an "extended copy".

But it does seem to make it harder to use (Shift+Ctrl is an awkward 
combination) Nautilus for normal file manager actions in favor of an 
action that I don't think any nautilus user use regularly.

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