Re: Let's remove the Nautilus News sidepanel

mån 2002-04-29 klockan 10.18 skrev Michele Campeotto:
> > > On windows it is "Folders" which makes sense and sounds like a good
> > > name.
> > Seems like a random new name for "Directories", which I'm not sure makes a 
> > lot of sense.
>   IMO, directories are different from folders.
>   Directories are on my file system, in Nautilus I only see folders.
>   But I bet I'm too late and this has already been discussed in the
> proper places...

That's also how the GNOME Glossary defines "directory" and "folder"
( So any application that uses icons to represent directories in the file system should use the term "folder", which probably means most applications in GNOME. Nautilus has used "folder" even longer than this recommendation, and so has Evolution.


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