Re: PATCH: Bug 75131

On 28 Apr 2002, Dave Bordoley wrote:

> Chages "Reset Destop Background" on the desktop to "Use Default
> Background." Also changes the associated tooltip. Alex if you don't want
> to apply this due to being too busy or being more stringent on ui/string
> changes, I understand and I will just leave the patch filed in bugzilla
> for post 2.0.
> I really think this patch makes this functionality more clear btw. At
> least in my opinion as a user, i would expect "reset desktop background"
> to change back to the previous used background. "use Default background"
> is consisteng with our other uses of the term default throughout the ui
> such as "reset view to defaults."

You need to change the one in the window views too. And please add a 

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