Re: PATCH: bug 76293 and bug 48317

On Sun, 2002-04-28 at 16:06, Alex Larsson wrote:
> This collides with multiple-selection using the keyboard. Also, on my 
> swedish keyboard the old ones were not impossible to press. Since Gtk+ 2 
> it's possible to have that sort of accelerators. 

my comments were based on the bug report so if this not an issue than I
can revert the change. (however I do think if it's possible to use these
keys it would be nice since both netscape/mozilla and windows use them,
shouldn't multiple). The multiple selections problem only appears in the
icon view though weird. What should i do?

> > 2. Changed short cut key for home cntrl+home cuz calum said so. Kind of
> > makes sense too.(bug 76293)

Once again, this decision was based on calums comments, I'm assuming
most standard keyboards would have a home key. (am i wrong?)

> Does all keyboards have a home key though? 
> > 3. changed add bookmark shortcut to ctl+d and edit bookmark shortcut to
> > ctl+b as specified in the hig. 

Perhaps we should change duplicate than, since this is a hig
recommendation. Any suggestions? Just for the sake of asking does
duplicate need an accelerator, we already have cut and paste

> Ctrl-d collides with duplicate.
> > 4. Changed the label of nautilus help to "_Help Contents as specified in
> > the hig. Added F1 accelerator, changed the tip a little bit and added a
> > stock icon.
> "Help Contents"? Why not just "Help"?
The hig says help contents
Do you need me to redo the whole patch or just those parts.

Let me know


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