Re: Nautilus preferences proposal

I think it would be nice to make nautilus a full-featured web browser in
the future, but right now i think we should concentrate on being a
really good file manager. I think the best way in the long run is to
make the galeon view integrate very well, and take advice from galeon
developers as to what should be done on the nautilus side to make the
galeon view better. (like supporting java pop ups, theres a bug for

As for the news sidebar, i vote for at least disabling it for release,
whether or not it is fully ditched is a whole other issue. I just fear
the rampant amount of bug reports that will be sent about it. Also i
don't necessarily feel that it even makes that much sense with a web
browser. Galeon developers have decided to not put similar functionality
in galeon precisely for the reason that they feel this functionality is
not part of a pure web browser.    

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