Re: [Nautilus-list] Unncess. Preference

On 25 Apr 2002, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:

>     > And an a side note, how come the desktop and in stuff (where the
>     > directores are show) do not honor the font settings, but the side bar
>     > and menus honor it?
>     I'm not sure you want the same font there. Especially not for the desktop. 
> Yea, unless you use a solid color background, you probably want a bold
> font on the desktop icon labels to increase clarity.

Yeah. Or a crazy font if you wanna play around.
> Speaking of that, what do you think of  the
> shadow-on-unselected-icon-labels -thing andersca was playing with? I
> think it would be a good idea. For the record, OSX does not even change
> the icon label color depending on the wallpaper, it just has white
> labels with a drop shadow.

I'm very much for it. I haven't seen a patch yet though.

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