[Nautilus-list] bug 75214: preferences:/// etc. should be read-only


	i've been looking at this bug, and would like to share some thoughts
that i have about it. This bug can be solved (as i see it) at two
diferent levels:

	1) at gnome-vfs level
	2) at nautilus level

	i think it would be better to solve it at the at the gnome-vfs level,
the reason why we can edit preferences:/// and applications:/// is that
the vfolder-desktop method does not support file permissions, as it
stores the modifications that a user does in his home directory. So to
solve i think it would be needed to implement the permission bits at
least for the preferences:/// uris. 

	So far i have put some code on the do_read_directory and on the
do_get_file_info methods on the vfolder-desktop method, so that one the
uri starts with preferences:/// its permission bits are automatically
set to non writeable.

	The ugly thing is that nautilus put an emblem to show the non writeable
nature of the folders, which is ugly.

	What do you think about this way of addressing the bug?


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