[Nautilus-list] Align to Grid


So I wanted to align some icons to a grid. Seems to be a popular request
here too. However, that is currently not implemented in Nautilus. I had
my Evil Hax0r way* but I wanted something less horrid and thought.. Hm.
.desktop files were such a fun a while back.. So I made myself a nice
ruler for the desktop:


and I can align icons pretty nicely with it, the scale helps me get icon
spacing right even :-) I also did a vertical one, so multiple rows are
easy too!

Go find the neccessary stuff if you want -
http://idisk.mac.com/tigert/Public/Nautilus-hacks/align-to-grid (it is
WebDAV, use Nautilus to access it, and switch to "view as icons...", it
wont work with a web browser)

(Yes, I know this whole thing is very silly. It is fun though.. :)


(* Evil Hax0r way is to make a temp folder, set it to order by name or
something that fits the need. Then drag all the files you want to align
into that temp folder, so they get arranged there. When you drag them
back to the desktop, the arrangement stays.. yea. gross. I know. But
does the job.)

:: :: Tuomas Kuosmanen  :: Art Director, Ximian :: ::
:: :: tigert ximian com :: www.ximian.com       :: ::

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