Re: [Nautilus-list] show trash in file menu move to go menu?

On Wed, 2002-04-24 at 19:22, Luis Villa wrote:
    I'm a little worried that we are going overboard with what are basically
    last-minute UI changes here. I'd like a lot of these to be held off a
    bit until we have some better idea of when our release date is (as per
    discussion on gnome-hackers.)

I agree with Luis here. Adding stock icons for important menu items is
pretty good, since nautilus does not have them much at all currently,
but just moving things around from where they have happily been for a
long time and people got used to them makes no sense.

Unless something clearly is a problem to a lot of users, lets not just
shuffle things around for fun :-)

And for stock icons, lets add them to the important ones so they serve
as a visual clue instead of just silly eyecandy clutter for every menu
item that looks pretty but serves no purpose. :-) Less is more here.*

* yeah, not trying to be mr. smartass here, as I am to blame for most of
the excess eyecandy in Gnome anyway ;-)

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