Re: [Nautilus-list] trash stock icons

On Wed, 2002-04-24 at 05:21, Dave Bordoley wrote:

    I've been debating adding the stock trash icon for the following:
    1. move to trash
    2. delete
    3. show trash
    4. empty trash
    anyone have an opinion. So far i haven't included changes for these in
    my patches. My main concern is that using the same icon for 4 seperate
    options sort of degrades the usefulness of the icon. Actually i think it
    would be nice to use the nautilus themed trashcan for show trash, but i
    don't know how to add non stock icons to the the toolbars (adding the
    start-here icon would be nice too)

I think it is good to use the normal stock icons on menus all over

I think we should use the trash stock icon for "move to trash" only.
Just have the others go without an icon. Like you said, putting icons
just for the looks is missing the point, so in this case the "move to
trash" is the "normal" way of deleting a file (though you just could
drag it) - the usefulness of stock icons is when your important menu
entries have icons, and they all are distinctive enough so you can spot
them without reading the menu labels too much.

Delete is sort of a hacker "okay, dont blame me if you later need this
file, dude!" -way of deleting files, so I wouldnt give it an icon at
all. (Yes, there have been enough people in #gnome during the years
asking how to undelete on Linux.. :-)


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