Re: [Nautilus-list] Unncess. Preference

Diego González <diego pemas net> writes: 
> Alex it would be really easy (keeping the dependence on eel) to strip
> the current preferences dialog (as it is right now) and put it in a
> capplet. Should I try separating it into a capplet?

I don't think just dumping the current prefs into a capplet achieves
anything; to me the reason you want a capplet is to put each pref
somewhere logical, e.g. the font setting goes with the
GTK/windowmanager font, the Nautilus theme goes with gtk/WM themes, 

It probably makes sense to keep prefs related to the Nautilus browser
shell and icon/list views in Nautilus itself. Some are possibly in
right click on background, choose Properties, vs. in the shell
As with s/Sawfish/Window Manager/ s/Desk Guide/Workspace Switcher/
etc. we probably want to be thinking s/Nautilus/File Manager/ and 
s/Nautilus/Desktop Background/ or whatever.

To me this is all post-2.0 kind of stuff.


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