Re: [Nautilus-list] Unncess. Preference

On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 17:16, Alex Larsson wrote:
> On 23 Apr 2002, Michael Petnuch wrote:
> > I was recently playing with the font properties of nautilus and then
> > realised that it can also be control by the
> > gnome-font-and-theme-properties control-center thingy.  It seems
> > redundant to have both of these.
> I don't think the font prefs are really finalized yet actually.
> Anyway, we've been thinking of actually moving all of the nautilus 
> preferences to a capplet. I think that would further the vision that 
> Nautilus is just a part of the whole desktop, and is not a separate 
> program/product. I think moving font configuration to a common place is 
> also a step in the right direction.
> > And an a side note, how come the desktop and in stuff (where the
> > directores are show) do not honor the font settings, but the side bar
> > and menus honor it?
> I'm not sure you want the same font there. Especially not for the desktop. 
They are seperated so you don't have to chose the same font.

As of now the font thing (control-center one) has options for desktop
and  applications.  The application setting affects the menu bars of all
programs, etc...

The desktop option, which does the same as changing the preference  from
inside of nautilus, affects only the nautlius side panels, but not 
nautilus's inside or the desktop.   I would think that setting the
desktop setting SHOULD affect the inside of nautilus (like view as icons
and stuff) and especially the desktop.  However, there is not a way to
customise the fonts of them at the moment.

I think it would make sense for me to be able to chose the font inside
there too, no?
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