Re: [Nautilus-list] PATCH: add 'edit launcher' button to properties window

> > > As a general comment, you should never do synchronous I/O in nautilus like 
> > > that. In this case you should use nautilus_file_can_read() / 
> > > nautilus_file_can_write(). (You also have to make sure to requets that 
> > > data to be read.)

I didn't see those, I can change the patch to use those functions.

> > > But in general i don't think this is the right solution. Using
> > > gnome-desktop-item-edit is just a hacky way to get something going, it 
> > > looks ugly and it's not integrated well into nautilus (e.g. when you 
> > > change stuff Nautilus won't immediately catch it etc). What we should do 
> > > is some sort of "plugin" notebook pages for the properties dialog.

I know that gnome-desktop-item-edit is a hacky way of doing this, but
since it's already used in the 'New Launcher' menu I thought it would be

I personally think we really need something like this, because otherwise
it's impossible to edit your menus using the "applications:///" URI and
you also wont be able to rename your desktop icons.

There is a nautilus_file_invalidate_attributes function. If I called
that function after gnome-desktop-item-edit quit, would that cause
Nautilus to refresh the file's icon?

If that was possible, I think you should reconsider accepting this patch
for 2.0. I think it improves the usability of Nautilus a lot, especially
as a menu editor. Being able to rename desktop icons is also a plus.

- Frank

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