Re: [Nautilus-list] [PATCH] handling icon for mime types

On 20 Apr 2002, Diego González wrote:

> hi
> 	this this patch makes nautilus get the correct icon when an icon
> different from the standard has been selected for a mime type or when
> the applications that handle that type haven been changed from the mime
> types capplet. (hope it is clear enough).
> 	as an example of what i'm meaning: 
> 	a) from the mime types capplet select and application different from
> the default one to handle a certain type of mime type, 
> 	b) restart nautilus (so that the mime database is reloaded, this is
> another bug)
> 	c) know, you should see the default white icon for the mime type that
> you just modified, even thought you didn't change it specifically.

I don't really understand what you mean. Does the default application 
registered for a mimetype change the icon for files with that mimetype? I 
though icons were per-mimetype.

But the patch looks good. 

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                   alexl redhat com    alla lysator liu se 
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