Re: [Nautilus-list] [PATCH] for bugs 72931 and 74907

Tuomas Kuosmanen <tigert ximian com> writes:

> On Sat, 2002-04-20 at 15:54, Dave Bordoley wrote:
>     out of curiousity, how do favorites differ from bookmarks in the
>     nautilus sense?
> They show up like a folder, not in the menu. Much like a folder that
> contains shortcuts. It would be more useful if there was that toolbar
> button to get there though.
> Bookmarks are always on the menu, unless I have missed something..?

The favorites folder is supposed to reflect the contents of the
favorites part of the panel menu.

The basic idea we had of having a favorites folder in start-here:
was that the panel menus are inevitably going to have a lot
of stuff in them so:

 - By providing an alternate way of navigating the application
   list. (The applications folder in start-here:)

 - By providing an easy way to add things to the favorites
   folder (Drag them there, hopefully also right-click

We make it easy for people to get to the things they use frequently
quickly. (Same idea as the list of recent selected items in
the XP start menu, but more controllable.)

I'd eventually like to make the applications view in nautilus
much richer and have:

 - Description
 - Where the application comes from
 - Searching



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