Re: [Nautilus-list] [PATCH] for bugs 72931 and 74907

On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 19:56, bordoley msu edu wrote:
    I filed the bug on the lack of favorites. My guess, purely speculation, is 
    that the functionality was removed on purpose. Favorites no longer appear 
    anywhere in the panel, and the uri does not appear to work either. also there 
    doesn't seem to be a way to add anything to favorites anywhere in gnome2.
Uh, favorites: works just fine here! Please dont remove the
functionality. I would very much like to see a "Favorites" button on the
toolbar next to Home icon, like on macosx. Favorites is a very nice way
of storing your often-needed locations in a single place. If it was on
the toolbar it would be just two clicks to get to any location you need
frequently. Can someone with The Know(tm) just add it to the toolbar? I
can make a nicer icon for it for sure. I think Jimmac might even have
one for it.


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