[Nautilus-list] Notes tab in sidebar plus some regular tigert-crack


I have a suggestion for the sidebar behaviour.

Would it be good, if it worked like in windows, meaning that the sidebar
would reflect the *selected* file(s) and not the current directory.

The reason I am requesting this is because I would like to use the Notes
tab to annotate my photographs, and it is very tedious and slow to open
them in the image viewer component one by one to write the notes. Also
same trouble for reading the notes.

I have some hacks that use the sidebar notes to export photo captions
into a web gallery which I would like to use more, but it is just too
much trouble annotating the photos with the current way the thing works.

Another possibility would of course be a photo gallery component (View
as Photo album...) which would be even cooler, but I dont have the
knowledge to write such a thing. I have some thoughts how to do it
though, if someone is interested in a very useful hacking project - one
of the biggest reasons a lot of people use nautilus is to manage photos.
And *a lot of people* have digital cameras these days. So it would be
very useful. Ideally one could extend it over time so that you could 

        * upload selected photos to a web gallery. http://gallery.sf.net
          seems like one of the things we could integrate to. It seems
          rather popular and it can be administered from the web
          directly. I also have a php hack myself but you dont want to
          see the code :-)
        * order prints from various online digiprint sites.
        * slideshow to view images fullscreen.
        * print to your own color inkjet with certain predefined sizes
          with cropmarks, greeting cards etc.. (yea, like iPhoto has too

It might also be nice to have some iPhoto -like stuff like
rotate/colorbalance (pippin has some auto-whitebalance code in his gimp
plugin, could be useful here) etc. Now I know this starts to get into
the "i want the moon from the sky" category, but you get the basic idea.

But again I got sidetracked :-) Anyway, I guess the sidebar thing would
be a hack to make annotating photos less of a pain, but the photo view
would be the Right Solution(tm) and very useful. 

I know it is a lot of work, but I am very willing to help in the
design/UI stuff so that if you want to write a component, you can be
sure your component will look absolutely kick-butt :^)


:: :: Tuomas Kuosmanen  :: Art Director, Ximian :: ::
:: :: tigert ximian com :: www.ximian.com       :: ::

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