Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: The Future of Nautilus

Mark Finlay <linuxexpert eircom net> writes: 
> Anyone know if GNOME 2 is still on course for the May release date?

Hmm, hard one. ;-)
> > I'm not sure that's accurate. There are many more crucial points (for
> > example, the millions of dollars and thousands of hours spent on
> > accessibility mean that GNOME 2 will be acceptable for US government
> > use, which is absolutely essential for the ongoing success of
> > UNIX/Linux desktops).
> damn. didn't know that. Does that mean that the US government will
> definitely use gnome2?

No, I don't know about that. It just means we'll be eligible and in
the running.

Basically you go in to sell to the US government and they will ask
"are you section 508 compliant" and if you say no they will not listen
to you further. Section 508 is the law that requires accessibility
features. i.e. you must have accessibility to get in the door.

At that point you have to compete on the other merits.

I'm told that many European countries have similar rules.


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