[Nautilus-list] Re: The Future of Nautilus

Thanks for all the info everyone - a lot of good stuff for my article,
and my curiosity :)

just a few more wee questions and replies:

Anyone know if GNOME 2 is still on course for the May release date?

> I'm not sure that's accurate. There are many more crucial points (for
> example, the millions of dollars and thousands of hours spent on
> accessibility mean that GNOME 2 will be acceptable for US government
> use, which is absolutely essential for the ongoing success of
> UNIX/Linux desktops).

damn. didn't know that. Does that mean that the US government will
definitely use gnome2?

>Everyone thinks their favorite three issues are the entire problem
>blocking Linux on the desktop. ;-) The catch is, everyone has a
>different three! And most people's three aren't the things that appear
>in user testing with naive users.

yeah I can see how that would be the case - most of my issues surround
the system being un-intuitive to windows converts

>Get on the mailing lists and track bugzilla for a while. Better, track
>real user reports from the Linux distribution side, or run some user
>tests. You'll quickly see that solving the desktop problem is much
>harder than you might expect.

:) I watched this nautilus mailing list for a while. It's my favorite
open source project. I have a good bit of experience with interface
design and usability, but unfortunately I haven't learned C++ yet - I'm
only 17y/o so you can't really blame me :) anyway I just end up being
another (l)user requesting features :)

I'm sure once i've started Computer Science in college in few years I'll
be able to make my own little contribution, hopefully to GNOME 3.

And in a year I'll be upgrading my 28.8k dialup to DSL so I can do some
beta testing

Thanks again

Mark Finlay
"sisob's linux eXPerience"
Registered Linux User: #243436

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