Re: [Nautilus-list] dealing with the editing of menus form nautilus

On 10 Apr 2002, Diego González wrote:

> hi
> 	I have been playing with gnome-desltop-item-edit, currently it lets any
> user to see the content of the launchers, just try this:
> 	gnome-desktop-item-edit applications:///yelp.desktop
> for example, for now they can't be edited, but it could be a start if we
> could see the information provided by gnome-desktop-item-edit, with out
> needing to type it on the terminal. 
> Which is the best approach to link this command with nautilus?
> 	a) adding a new item to the popup that says something like "edit
> 	launcher".
> 	b) to launch the gnome-desktop-item-edit whenever you select 	"Show
> properties" form the popup menu.

I would much prefer to have some sort of pluggable tabs for the 
properties dialog. We need this for several other things too, like doing 
ACLs on filesystems that support it. Adding some support for desktop-files 
into such a framework would be pretty trivial and would fit a lot better 
into our user interface.

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