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	Having seen that g_signal_emitv & pthread lock / unlock are top of the
profile, I had a little poke around and discovered that the
nautilus-icon-container was used pretty much exclusively by connecting
to a load of signals for all manner of things such as comparing files
for sorting. I pruned some of the most used signals and altered the
signal profile from:

    875	NautilusIconContainer::get-stored-icon-position
    875	NautilusIconContainer::icon-added
    961	GtkAccelLabel::parent-set
    963	GtkAccelLabel::hierarchy-changed
   1823	NautilusIconContainer::get-icon-images
   1823	NautilusIconContainer::get-icon-text
   2346	NautilusIconCanvasItem::bounds-changed
   5329	GtkAccelLabel::notify
   5469	NautilusIconCanvasItem::notify
  10035	NautilusIconContainer::compare-icons


    640 GtkMenuItem::notify
    797 GtkLabel::style-set
    808 GtkImageMenuItem::add
    922 NautilusIconCanvasItem::destroy
    954 GtkAccelLabel::show
   1086 GtkImageMenuItem::notify
   1140 NautilusVFSFile::destroy
   1390 GtkAccelLabel::destroy
   1478 GtkImage::notify
   1717 GtkLabel::notify
   2061 GtkAccelLabel::parent-set
   2063 GtkAccelLabel::hierarchy-changed
   3201 NautilusIconCanvasItem::notify
   9750 GtkAccelLabel::notify

	Although these results are broadly incomparable, since they're for
different periods :-) either way - it seems clear that we win a lot by a
large signal emission reduction ( and commensurate locking penalties ),
but it's also clear that the 'notify' business is very painful indeed.

	It looks like a lot of that is in the UI handler, but quite why / where
is somewhat of a mystery to me, since we only have:

      1	BonoboUIXml::reinstate
     29	BonoboUIXml::override
    101	BonoboUIXml::remove
    220	BonoboUIXml::replace-override

	Anyway; hopefully that'll give a speed win / make other things more
apparent, appearances are so deceptive when it's that fast already.



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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