[Nautilus-list] Creating Launchers ... for Gnome-1 Nautilus

Hye all

I saw that Diego made a clever use of gnome-desktop-item-edit command in nautilus to add the ability to create launchers from desktop.
This would be really nice to have it in gnome 1.4.x
The problem with Gnome-1 is that this command is not available.
So I made a back port (hack) of it and I'd like to know how it could be integrated to allow gnome-1 users (if nautilus gnome-1 branch is also patched) to access to this fondamental feature. I think it is not acceptable to add it to gnome-core, then perhaps by creating a new gnome-1 module ... ?
Or have I to forget it ....

What do you think ?

                  Remi Cohen-Scali                       /\\
<Remi Cohen-Scali com>          <rcoscali rcsnet net>    _\_v

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