Re: [Nautilus-list] QA contact and jonallen sdf lonestar org

On Sat, 2002-03-30 at 13:38, Luis Villa wrote:
> So, AFAICT, jonallen sdf lonestar org (the QA contact for many of the
> nautilus components) has not added a comment to any bugs since nautilus
> was moved to bugzilla.gnome. Additionally, most components have no QA
> contact, so (effectively) the QA line in nautilus bugzilla is unused.
> So... I'd like to change the QA contact for all nautilus bugzilla bugs
> to nautilus-qa-maint bugzilla gnome org, which would be an alias
> composing of (right now) jfleck and myself, and whoever else would
> volunteer to help out with incoming nautilus bugs.*
> Are there any objections to this? Darin, Alex? Let me know...
> Luis

So, for all components not already QA-owned by jonallen, John Fleck,
Davef, and I (dave bordoley still hasn't stepped up to the plate ;) are
now the proud QA owners of and will do our best to stem the flow of
dups, 1.0.x bugs, and other such miscellany.

I'm still waiting to hear anything from/about jon allen before taking
those components as well.


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