Re: [Nautilus-list] build issues

on 9/27/01 11:52 PM, Michael Meeks at michael ximian com wrote:

> Am I being a dofus ? or does nautilus not build with the gnome-vfs
> 'gnome-vfs-1' CVS tag as advertised in the README ?

I don't think you're being a doofus, but nautilus does build with the
gnome-vfs-1 tag. I think it's a problem specific to your system.

> Also, is it possible to configure time check for a later version,
> since the changes are quite deep in and it takes a long time to discover
> the gnome-vfs isn't up to scratch :-)

OK, done.

In the future, I would prefer that people who change nautilus to require a
new version of a library update when they make the change.

> ../libnautilus-private/.libs/ undefined reference
> to `gnome_vfs_async_module_callback_set_default'
> ../libnautilus-private/.libs/ undefined reference
> to `gnome_vfs_module_callback_set_default'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Note that this is a link time error, not a compile time error. So it makes
it sound like a problem with headers and library not matching up, not a
problem with the wrong version of gnome-vfs. Perhaps something about library
search paths.

In my copy of gnome-vfs, these calls are defined in the header
<libgnomevfs/gnome-vfs-module-callback.h> and in the library file

Maybe your problem comes from mixing multiple versions of gnome-vfs somehow?
The gnome 1 and gnome 2 versions? Maybe this problem happens because we
gnome-vfs developers haven't bumped the so number when we should. I don't
think we've ever bumped the so number for gnome-vfs.

    -- Darin

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