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What app are you using to create the svgs? Sodipodi?

Off topic, but in your site you say Tigert taught you the icon mastery.
Can't you share that with us? If you write a book, I'm the first to buy
it ;-)

I think that your work rocks, it's even better than your master's.


On Mon, 2001-09-24 at 12:07, Jakub Steiner wrote:
> Using SVG for icons has TREMENDOUS potential (automatically
> generated/modified icons, using icons as a regular display output etc).
> Apart from the speed issues mentioned in the attached mail, I am having
> following difficulties with SVG implementation in nautilus.
>         * <text/> does not render
>         * relative dimensions for specifying the text area for
>           previewing text files (I'm confused with the bahaviour for svg
>           icons right now - what size should I match against?)
>         * combination of bitmap/svg icons (having i-regular-48.png and
>           i-regular-96.svg doesn't seem to work)...
> I am amazed by the quality of the SVG render output. This is probably a
> libart thing, but I'm very thankful for implementing this in nautilus.
> Very very cool feature. One wishlist-feature would be to have only an
> outline object when scaling the icon, but that's probably not a simple
> hack.
> God bless all the cool nautilus hackers. You guys rock.
> (just a peek on how
> sexy SVG can be)
> Jakub 

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