[Nautilus-list] Re: SVG icons

on 9/24/01 8:07 AM, Jakub Steiner at jimmac ximian com wrote:

> Nautilus should (and to some extend it does, but it's broken from my end
> user view ;) keep the bitmap rendering of the icon in buffer, so it
> feels like a regular bitmap icon.

The Nautilus icon cache is supposed to cache these, but I think there are
some bugs in the icon cache, and the size should probably be set a bit
bigger. If we could come up with some simple ways to reproduce the problems
with the cache, and make bug reports, it would make it easy for me (or
someone else who wants to dig in) to tackle this later.

> Using SVG for icons has TREMENDOUS potential (automatically
> generated/modified icons, using icons as a regular display output etc).
> Apart from the speed issues mentioned in the attached mail, I am having
> following difficulties with SVG implementation in nautilus.
>       * <text/> does not render

I know that at least some text does render. It's quite possible you have a
librsvg or eel installation problem that's preventing it from finding fonts.
A good way to test this is to use librsvg directly. You can render a .svg
file by going into the librsvg build directory and doing:

    ./test-rsvg test.svg > test.jpg

If you can figure out what's wrong, a bug report would be great.

>       * relative dimensions for specifying the text area for
>         previewing text files (I'm confused with the bahaviour for svg
>         icons right now - what size should I match against?)

This embedded text rectangle feature isn't implemented in a way that makes
sense for scalable icons. Basically you have to provide icon nodes with size
attributes and embedded_text_rectangle attributes for any sizes that you
want to work properly.

We can add the code to look at a separate icon node without a size attribute
to find the appropriate rectangle for scalable icons, and scale the
rectangle to an appropriate size. It's easy to add it, and it would go into
the get_themed_icon_file_path function in the icon factory (which is getting
so big now that it needs to be refactored into a few smaller functions).

A bug report would be a good place for us to discuss exactly how we want it
to work. It's very easy to implement once we figure out what the rule is.

>       * combination of bitmap/svg icons (having i-regular-48.png and
>         i-regular-96.svg doesn't seem to work)...

It's true. That doesn't work. It would be good to be able to have a mix like
this, and it would be nice to fix the icon factory logic. A bug report would
be good for this too.

    -- Darin

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