[Nautilus-list] gnome-vfs / searching for trash folders [was: 3d overview]

Lo Havoc,

On 22 Sep 2001 13:12:44 -0400 you wrote:

  | >   | Have you tried updating gnome-vfs? I think we put in the patch
  | >   | to get rid of trash search. That helps a good bit with startup
  | >   | (still not quite enough, but helps a lot).
  | > 
  | > Nope. This doesn't get rid of the Searching for Trash folders
  | > popup. Now, if someone could tell me why nautilus wants to search
  | > for trash folders everytime it starts.
  | I just put in the patch yesterday afternoon, do you have a gnome-vfs
  | that new? I hadn't put in the patch before, sorry about that.

I'm updating from branch gnome-vfs-1; I'll wait for a day - the latest
ChangeLog entry is from september 18th.


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