Re: [Nautilus-list] Re:3d overview

mitch nuclear physics gatech edu wrote:

It's sounds neat but is it needed or would it even be useful? There is no
need in bloating a application just because you can. Nautilus and gnome
needs to move in a professional direction and including extra gimmicks
that serve no practical purpose isn't the way. If it's being done just for
the fun of it, go for it and have fun. However, I don't feel this 3d
overview should go into the main nautilus tree unless it can prove some
true use.

Yeah, and I'm one to carefully gaurd that line between bloat and splash, and splash so rarely wins. But it wasn't so long ago that the concept of rolling your mouse over an mp3 and expecting a sound was considered unthinkable. And drag-and-drop colorizing? Only software from Redmond wasted so much capability! :)

Making it a mainline feature *could* be another one of those drool-items, like the two above. Sure, it adds bloat, but if the bloat's paying for more people to jump out of the virus-scam world, it's done a much-needed thing.

Could we use it the way Mozilla is implemented- somewhat like a module that's dormant until it's requested, and it's never requested, by default? Sounds like a decent compromise, but what do I know about the underlying parts. I just know this is something NEW from the Linux world. No focus groups, no business meetings, just a bunch of guys doing what they love and kicking exponential ass.


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