Re: [Nautilus-list] Eel patch

on 9/19/01 8:11 AM, Michael Myburgh at Michael Myburgh Sun COM wrote:

> Has anyone considered that the implementations are time-consuming?
> Would it not be easier to mmap the file? This would result in just
> about NO reading except for memory page sized chunks that are
> actually accessed by the application. If the application wants to
> update the file, then mmapping is more efficient as well. By the
> way, my experience of mmap is on Solaris, and I'm assuming that
> Linux's implementation is entirely compatible.

When the file is known to be on the local filesystem and you know that you
are running on a platform that supports mmap, then a mmap could be the best
way to get at the file contents. In that case, there's no need to use the
Eel read_entire_file function. The function we are discussing here is a
gnome-vfs extension that works for any URI that gnome-vfs can handle.

Your comments are definitely something to consider for someone deciding what
function to use, but they have no direct bearing on the implementation of
this Eel function.

    -- Darin

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