[Nautilus-list] Nautilus code documentation


I sent an email to the list earlier about my Nautilus source code
documentation, which can be found at http://www.pezdispenser.net/~invis. The
idea was to provide an outline of how Nautilus works, therefore allowing
programmers unfamiliar with Nautilus to contribute and fix bugs faster.

The documentation has been updated a good deal since I started, but is
incomplete, has errors, needs editing, and has features that I'd love to see
added. Unfortunately, school has started and there is no way I can continue
the documentation during the school year.

I'm interested in the following comments:

1. Does anyone want to maintain this documentation?
2. Would anyone want to use this documentation, assuming it is completed?
3. If the documentation is completed, how can it be made available to aspiring
   Nautilus programmers?


Jeff Balk - balk0016 tc umn edu

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