Re: [Nautilus-list] Medusa?/ FdL

> 	Another feature I think would be really useful, and would tie in nicely
> with Medusa, is Vfolders for files. You could have a Vfolder to show all
> mpeg files in a group of subdirectories, or show all files that have not
> been updated in the last 6 months, etc. I don't know if anyone is
> working on anything like this but I suspect it would be something for
> the future.
> 	Paul


[I cannot speak for Rebecka. I would be interested in hearing about what she 
is doing now. Hithere!]

I am currently looking for people for a project, that calls itself 
Fer-de-Lance ( We try to provide search 
capabilities for the desktop. What I am dreaming of is something like a "find 
similar" functionality for about everything you can think of. Of course we 
would also like to provide search functionality as you describe. The ultimate 
goal would be to have a learning desktop.

We currently are three people, working loosely on the project.

As you can see in my sig, I am the maintainer of the GNU Image Finding Tool 
(GIFT). This is a tool which provides similarity search for images. I am 
currently working on extension of the GIFT framework, such that it can become 
the (desktop-independent) server side of the FdL project. My goals are to 
provide a suitable server framework, and to attract people who integrate 
useful functionality into the desktop.

Currently the FdL project is myself and two KDE people (Carsten Pfeiffer and 
Karl GŁnter WŁnsch). However, we would like to have as much as possible of 
the architecture desktop-independent, and we would really like to have some 
tentacles or gnomes in the boat to build a project that works with both 

If you feel that you can help the project, and if you would like to join our 
discussion, then please subscribe at the 

fer-de-lance-developer list which is hosted at

or contact me directly.

Dr. Wolfgang Müller, assistant == teaching assistant
Personal page: 
Maintainer, GNU Image Finding Tool (

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