[Nautilus-list] Medusa?

What ever happened to Medusa? Was it ever a part of Nautilus or was it
always a separate project? Is work still ongoing with it, or has it been

It's just that I can't help feeling that as much as I love Nautilus,
which I do, it's a little bit lacking in file management capabilities. A
lot of the (very exciting and interesting) plans I've read about on this
list involve its other capabilites, for instance adding further views,
improving its help browsing capabilities, embedding the control panel
into it, etc.

But it seems that to be a truly useful file manager it needs to at least
have some kind of file searching capabilities, even if those are
provided by a separate component embedded within Nautilus.

Another feature that I have mentioned before on this list is selecting
files according to a pattern: preferably both by wildcards and regexps.
At the moment there is only a "Select All Files" command on the Edit

Something that I would find incredibly useful is the ability to rename
files according to regexps like you can in Emacs' dired mode. I know
that people in the past have said that could be handled by a Nautilus
script, but it seems to me to be the kind of functionality a file
manager ought to include natively.

I'm not a C programmer, but I would be happy to help in any way I could
if someone was interested in implementing such features.

D. D. Brierton                    Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist
ddb cogsci ed ac uk                    http://www.cogsci.ed.ac.uk/~ddb

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