[Nautilus-list] Most bugzilla.eazel.com bugs moved to bugzilla.gnome.org

Martin Baulig and I, with help from Jon Allen, moved all the bugs from
bugzilla.eazel.com in still-active projects into bugzilla.gnome.org. So
there's no reason to visit bugzilla.eazel.com any more (it just points you
at bugzilla.gnome.org), and there are a bunch of new products with lots of
bugs reports in them at bugzilla.gnome.org.

We did the move without trying to reorganize things at the same time, but we
expect to reorganize the bugs and go through them adding things like
keywords and milestones as is necessary for the various projects in the

Please let me know if there are any problems caused by this move.

    -- Darin

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