[Nautilus-list] About mozilla nautilus component


we are working on a shared library (an xpcom component exactly)
to make most part of the galeon mozilla interaction code reusable.
We wonder if nautilus developers are interested.

Current functionalites:

Content handler: full support for downloads and helper
applications (using gnome-vfs for mime types)
Prompt dialogs: gnome dialogs subsitution for nearly
all mozilla XUL dialogs (ex. connection failed, security
warnings, user/password ...)
Protocol handlers: mailto, ghelp, man, info, toc support
integrated with gnome

How it works

To have it working in nautilus there are 2 ways

1 Put the library in /usr/lib/mozilla/components
and run regxpcom. It's good mostly for testing purpouse.
In this way I got Nautilus using Downloads and Prompts dialog
without modifying the code. Protocol handlers would need changes
on the click on link event.

2 Add a few inititialization code in nautilus. I think this is the
right way to do it.

I could release a package if you are interested to take a look at
the code and functionalities.

I got a look to the nautilus mozilla component recently. I think all
that is needed for good browsing in addition to the functionalities
provided by the library are:

1 Working profile. The code is there but it does not seem to work
2 window.open support
3 Context menus. Mozilla interaction code is already available from
galeon and easily reusable. Displaying a context menu is not a big deal.
4 Find. I guess nautilus find UI can be used, mozilla interaction
code is trivial and available from galeon


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