[Nautilus-list] Re: A feature idea

TomM pentstar com (2001-09-07 at 1445.27 -0500):
> >Sounds interesting, but I don't know what the connection to Nautilus is.
> Hmmm.. any ideas where it might be appropriate for?  I don't know why I was
> thinking it would be related to Nautilus.

Try with distro makers, probably they will have ideas about that. And
it will be useful for all apps, not just one.

The stupidest one is to do a pass over all the interesting files so
they are in cache, and better ones could be to do a full load with
some kind of daemon, and then give the running process to the user
(doing a UID change or something)... but that would require to be able
to load configs after some time, not on launch.

And of course, the prelink method, that I think some projects are
already working on. For this check the compiler / linker groups, and /
or distros too.

In general, go to the deeper levels, not just app level.


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