Re: [Nautilus-list] A feature idea

on 9/7/01 11:21 AM, Tom Musgrove at TomM pentstar com wrote:

> On the first run or installation of Nautilus, it would be nice to have an
> option to preload common libraries.
> A dialog something like
> "Many operating systems preload common libraries into memory to increase the
> loading speed for programs such as web browsers and productivity
> applications.  However, this also takes up additional memory when you are
> not using those programs.
> Would you like to have libraries preloaded?
> Yes - recommended for newer computers with lots of memory
> No - recommended for older computers with lesser memory"
> Of course what libraries to preload might be a difficult decision.

Sounds interesting, but I don't know what the connection to Nautilus is.

    -- Darin

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