Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Scripts Web Page

Christian Rose wrote:

Ben Ford wrote:

If you have a specific suggestion about how the dialogs that a script can
create are second-class citizens, then I'd be happy to consider it. But I'd
like you to try something first, and then tell me what's wrong with it,
rather than guessing without trying it.

I am meaning that it would be more visually appealing if all scripts
that used dialogs used the same ones, rather than some using tk, some
using curses, etc.  My suggestion is to simply incorporate something
like Xdialog ( into Nautilus, or even just
include it as a standard gnome package.

Why not gdialog? Included in gnome-utils.

I think my previous reply referring to both gdialog and a scripting API didn't make it to the list. This is what I said:

My apologies, I didn't realize that gdialog was part of a standard gnome install. However Xdialog does have a lot more it can do, and it uses gtk as well.

I'm not arguing or complaining about Nautilus here. I was just curious as to whether the functionality was available, because I'd use it if it were.


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